3-2-1-Go! How to Accomplish Something Before You Talk Yourself Out of It.

August 19th, 20201 min read

Four years ago, I had two areas of my life that I realized I wanted to improve:

  1. I wanted to be an early bird again. I'm pretty sure I had lost my appreciation for early mornings in the unhealthy lifestyle filled college days
  2. I wanted to make a more regular and sustainable commitment to fitness.

Surprise surprise, the endless world of productivity and self help guides (ugh)1 have figured out those goals are pretty well aligned! But here's the challenge that everyone who comes to the same conclusion faces: how the hell do you convince yourself to leave your cozy bed at 4 or 5AM?

For me, it was removing thought from the picture. If I allowed myself to think, I could rationalize sleeping more or getting up a bit later or skipping the day.

Instead, the moment I was semi-conscious, I would think "3, 2, 1, Go!" and leap out of bed. The rest of it went something like this:

  1. 3-2-1, go! Stumble to the dresser and throw the gym clothes on that I put out the previous night.
  2. 3-2-1, go! Grab water, throw on a sweatshirt, and grab my bicycle or car keys.
  3. 3-2-1, go! Jump on my bicycle or get into the car. Don't think about how cold it is. Get out there and pedal (or drive).
  4. 3-2-1, go! Hop into the gym and realize I'm amongst other crazies at some odd hour of the morning.
  5. Celebrate that I made it, again.

Bonus points: you get to see some killer sunrises. Oh, and the awesome energy of being around other crazies who've somehow hacked their internal sleepyhead.


  1. I loathe productivity and self help books. They prey on you when you're emotionally vulnerable but just spew out the same idea over and over again. Admittedly, it's a bit of hypocritical take after writing this post 🙄